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Strategic Process Planning
Manuscript Development
Statistical Analysis
Strategic Process Planning
  • Providing more than technical support to facilitate all phases of the research process
  • Time management strategies
  • Defense coaching
  • Techniques for dealing with a difficult mentor or committee members
  • Counseling on perspective taking and problem solving
  • Empathic holistic approach to managing the process
Manuscript Development
  • Identifying feasible research topics
  • Refinement of literature search
  • Development of rationale and justification of hypothesis
  • Use of APA style
  • Proper reference citations
  • Scholarly writing style and structure
  • Selection of appropriate measurement tools
  • Formatting tables
Statistical Analysis
  • Formulating analysis plan
  • Data coding and data entry
  • Conducting descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Interpretation of statistical output
    • Thorough an in-depth understanding of the practical interpretation of statistical results
    • And integration with original hypotheses

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